“Will you pay part of my zillow bill?… So we can share the leads?”

That’s probably the most common “marketing” request Lenders get from agents these days. Problem is… Zillow leads are expensive, and they’re often oversold and just plain poor. (they’re often “tricked” into becoming a lead…)

Even so, most lenders will consent to this arrangement in the hopes of gaining or remaining in the agent’s good graces with the hopes that they’ll receive referrals from the agent. And yeah, on some level this works.


There are more efficient ways to go about this “Co-Marketing” stuff.

For example, here’s a Facebook PPC Ad for a listing that we recently ran with an agent.

Within 18 hours of running the ad, the agent received 33 quality clicks to their website, and 4 leads.

And the lender received 2 direct Pre-Approval requests.

For just $16.99 in ad spend!!

Quality traffic and leads for everyone involved… and great exposure for the listing to boot…

Bottom line… when it comes to “Co-Marketing” Zillow isn’t the only game in town.

There are lots of different (respa-compliant) ways for us to work together…

If you’d like to explore running similar campaigns for yourself, and “Co-Marketing” directly with us here at Bond Street Mortgage, feel free to email [email protected] directly.

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