45 Day Real Estate Drip Email Campaign

If you’re generating a lot of leads online, then one thing you need to be doing is following up with valuable content that helps keep you “top of mind” and get you into conversations with as many of your leads as possible.

Because truth is, most internet leads are “cold” and will take months, even years to incubate. So you want to automate some of your follow up so you can be the agent who they think of when they’re finally ready to pull the trigger.

Down below is a “drip” email campaign that you can add to your current follow up processes.

Few Notes Before You Access The Emails Below …

  • Subject Lines are Italicized
  • You may need to tweak emails that have #tags and reference property searches to fit your website
  • A number of these reference Bond Street Mortgage content, and provide useful info related to financing.
  • Make sure every contact or lead you get is set up for some kind of never-ending automated property search! Property search alerts are the best drips going, and this sequence is meant to be a general trust builder that runs along side alerts…

The Drip Email Sequence

Day 1
Forgot to ask yesterday…

Hi #firstname,

I forgot to ask after you visited #domain yesterday…

Are you an investor, or potentially looking for a property to move into?

Day 2
Why’s This Guy Crying? (sorta funny video)

Hi #firstname,

If you’re actively searching for a home or investment property to buy, then you probably already know that mortgage pre-approval is usually the first step in the process.

In this sorta funny video from out friends at Bond Street Mortgage, you’ll see what happened to one guy when he and his fiance found their dream home, but lost it because they weren’t prepared with a mortgage pre-approval.

Video link = http://bondstreetmortgage.com/crying/

(feel free to reply to this email if you have any questions about getting started with the mortgage pre-approval process today)


Day 4
If You Already Own A Home, You Might Like This


If you happen to already own a property, we have a tool that’ll let you quickly see what it might sell for in today’s market.

Just click here to check it out now –> (add link to your “sell” page)

Day 6
first Time Home Buyer’s Webinar

If you’re a “first time home buyer” here’s a solid “no fluff” 70 minute recorded webinar from the team at Bond Street Mortgage.

Link = http://bondstreetmortgage.com/firsttimehomebuyerwebinar/

If you scroll down to below the video you’ll notice that specific topics related to buying your first home our “time stamped” so you can quickly jump around the video and get the info fast.



Day 9
Live in One Unit, Rent out The Other?

Here’s a solid strategy is you want a home to live in, but also want to get started building a Real Estate Investment empire for youself:

Buy a Home with multiple units!

This way you can live in one unit, and use the income from the second to help pay your mortgage… or save up money for your 2nd, 3rd, or 50th property 🙂

To get started searching for “multi-unit” propeties, just go to #domain and choose “income” from the property type dropdown.

I’d also be happy to prepare you a custom list of properties like this. Just hit reply and let me know if you’re interested.

Day 15
Video – How To Get A Mortgage If You’re Self Employed?

If you don’t earn a regular w2 paycheck, getting a mortgage can be a little tricky sometimes.

In this quick video chat you’ll learn some of the ins and outs of self employed mortgage financing.

Video Link = http://bondstreetmortgage.com/selfemployedmortgagechat/

Feel free to reply to this email if you have any questions about this process, and I’ll put you in touch with a lender who can help.


Day 20
Anything catching your eye?
Hi #firstname,

Out of all the properties we’ve been sending so far has anything caught your eye?

If not please let us know and we’ll change your property alert criteria asap.



Day 25
Quick Property Tour?

Hi #firstname,

I’ve got some free time in my calendar this week if you want to meet up and tour 2 or 3 properties?

Even if you’re not thinking about a move in the near future this could be a fun way for you to start getting familiar with what’s out there.

Let me know…

(no pressure either way…)


Day 30
Fast Simple Mortgage Calculator

Hi #firstname,

If you’re curious about what your monthly payment might be for homes in your price range, here’s a “fast, simple mortgage calculator” you can play with.

Link = http://bondstreetmortgage.com/mortgagecalculator/


Day 35
Fixer Upper? I hardly know her 🙂

Hi #firstname,

“Fixer Uppers” aren’t ever as easy as they make it seem on tv.

You know, where a couple buys a house for 100k puts 30 into it then makes 50k in profit.

Never happens like that, it’s always harder than it seems, and these day’s there’s LOTS of competition.

That said, “Fixing and Flipping” and Fixing to “hold and rent” or move into, are still sound strategies for buyers who don’t mind a project.

To see a current list of available fixer uppers on #domain, simply choose “Fixer Uppers” from the “Financial” Options in the search bar.

Or reply to this email and I’ll prepare a custom list and send it over to you right away..


Day 38

Fixer Upper Financing
A few days ago I sent an email about “Fixer Uppers…”

In case you’re curious here’s a quick article about the various ways you can finance a fixer upper and even get funds for the cost of repairs –> http://bondstreetmortgage.com/fixflip/

Day 45

Take you off our list?

Hi we’ve been sending you real estate related emails for a while, and it’s usually at this point that we take people off our email list.

Is that ok? Are you done searching?

If not, let us know… we just don’t want to be “spamming” you if you’re not really interested.

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