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“Insights into the Future of Residential Lending: Navigating Changing Markets and Regulations”

Presently, I find myself in the beautiful city of San Diego for the fascinating SD CAMP event. Meanwhile, another interesting event took place at the same latitude. The office of the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, ran a poll to gauge if the inhabitants of Texas consider illegal immigration a pressing matter. Interestingly, only 29% echoed these sentiments while a whopping 71% disagreed, saying, “No es una problema seriosa.” Amidst these political affairs, Texas thrives as a bustling hub for industry giants such as many lending corporations and established hotel chains. Did you know this culturally rich state even boasts its individual pledge of allegiance?

In the competitive hospitality sector, Marriott has successfully positioned itself the go-to for business travellers. However, it’s important to note that only six companies own a substantial 80% of existing branded hotels in the USA. There’s industry chatter about a potential merger between Choice Hotels and Wyndham- leading to just five dominant companies. With the merger, we’ll witness a single business entity managing an astounding 16,500 hotels and 46 distinct brands.

Today’s podcast is proudly sponsored by nCino, an industry trailblazer in the modern mortgage lending space. Tune in to hear a captivating conversation with nCino’s Pam Faulkner discussing the strategic execution of change management – a challenge that is familiar terrain for any mortgage lending organisation.

Exciting news for lenders now – Opteon AMC, a leading appraisal management company, just pioneered a unique Short-Term Rental Analysis (STRA) product. This novel tool has been crafted in association with AirDNA, an authority in short-term rental data and analytics. Bridging gaps in the current system, this appraiser-approved tool will offer lenders a precise prediction of rental potential and market trends. The solution will also replace the existing 1007 form, offering a more thorough overview of short-term rental investments. This revolutionary product, catered exclusively to Opteon customers, launched on January 8, 2023. For more information, check out or email [email protected].

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“Delving into the Future Trends of Mortgage Rates: A Detailed Insight from 2024”

In recent weeks, there’s been less volatility in mortgage rates as compared to the previous one and a half months up until December 14th. Generally, the rates have been trending upwards. Mortgage lenders usually release rates on regular business days excluding holidays. Consequently, the new week’s rates were released today. Even though global markets operated on Monday, the day’s trading initiated a challenging environment for U.S. mortgage rates. An important event on Tuesday involving a Q&A with Christopher Waller from the Federal Reserve added further to the rising rates. This has led lenders to increase their average rates to nearly the highest they’ve been in the last few weeks, albeit not as high as mid-last week. Rates had nearly reached 8% during the November-December surge, then dipped to the 6.6% range by December 14th. As of now, they remain well below 7%, preserving most of the improvement despite slight losses.

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